Ash to ashes
Flames devouring themselves
Beneath the stars
At a gathering before a scattering
On the side of a mountain
On the threshold of the seasons
In the land of the Hawthorn
Pale shade of the Moon
This vengeance in my heart
Do I weed it out
Or do I make it right
Must decide will decide
But not tonight
Tonight I am staring at the stars instead
Bodhran shields the face
From smoke and heat
Skin taut, hot to the touch
Scorched fingers tapping away
What tune is that
Maybe no tune at all
The old south west
She's up and at it
Blowing warm and wet
She the devil in the woods
In the predawn dark fading
Tears ofimpotence
Shed them for the dog rose
Withered and wind blown
Not vengeance but vindication
Clouds scudding across the sky
Winter begins today
Kneeling on the ground
Touch my forehead to the earth
Hoping for the best
Fare-thee-well my friends
Fare thee well
May the Karma that brought you here bring you on
Roads wind round, we'll meet again.


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