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Cead Mile Failte Romhaibh Go Leir.
Welcome to the Imbolc edition / 6th issue of Tuar Ceatha (Rainbow).

We're a little late but better (late) than (n)ever. We've been held up by the recent weather conditions which have affected everybody on the planet in one way or another. Mother Nature has been talking and we must (re)learn to listen to her as she is our source of life. Some of us have had no choice but to listen, this very mag being an example.

Our cover is a Snake this time round (Caronach) which we bring back into the light, it being associated with our Patron Saint Patrick, who banished them from Ireland. There never were snakes in Ireland, physically anyway! We did however use it to symbolise various things. It represented initiation, wisdom, spiritual growth, femininity, energy patterns and also the dreaded temptation which we are well aware of from the garden of eden. We still see it quite commonly used today by chemists and pharmacists as a healing symbol. A snake with its tail in its mouth is also common, meaning continuity - something we all could benefit from!

We welcomed the return of the White Buffalo in our last edition, She being sacred, and symbolising the return of the great spirit in humankind. She escaped, and coincidentally it was the same day that the earthquake hit Japan which caused havoc and sent freak weather all over the globe. You may find her running free inside.

This magazine is produced voluntarily, and is yours to use to express your views or bridge the gap on various things affecting us in our daily lives. There is much we can do to improve our lives in order to cause as little harm as possible. This mag is an awareness mag.

If anybody wants to reprint any material from the magazine, please let us know first. New material is always needed and very welcome. Feedback is all so well come, help with distribution would be most appreciated.

We must learn from the past, live in the present and think about the future, for ourselves and for our children. We see signs and signals in life just like when you travel a new road. Everything happens for a reason and it is up to us to use our intuition, common/sixth sense to make sense of them and use them. Listen to your heart.

We'd like to encourage people to keep going, keep your chin up, enjoy the spring and blossom with IT.

Every thing counts .... so get yourself connected!!!!

Gra agus Dochas,
Tuar Ceatha.

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