Good, bad or indifferent, communication is the key. Clear, concise, unadulterated, pure, trusting, unbiased, truthful, focused interaction of feelings and emotions is the answer to all the problems we face today. We all know it in one way or another from living experience, from example or from being told. It's so simple that we find it hard to keep 'on the path' so to speak, for this is what we are all on, in one form or another. It doesn't matter where we are or what we do so long as we remain true to ourselves. You are a universal being and are a part of everything. Everything you think, say and do has it's consequences, no matter what your belief. We all belong here for our own separate reasons or else we wouldn't be here. We all have our parts to play in the evolution or unfolding of what is happening, right now all around us.

Many of us know, feel, or are aware of a change occurring. We can sense it if we are open to it. We can see it if our eyes are open. It's a change we've all being waiting for-for a long time, and it takes time for change if it is to be a lasting change. So we've got to be patient, we've got to learn how to live with ourselves, and be happy with ourselves-truly, for this change to come about. There's no point in jumping the gun, cos we'll just have to start again, so we'll progress when we are all ready. We are one -all for one and one for all, throw away the guns and the wars all gone. Equal rights and justice for one and all, a tree will only grow so tall. and when it reaches a certain height its going to fall. Everything has its life cycle and as we've been told this cycle is due for renewal. It's time for realignment, enlightenment, balance, harmony. The recognition of life and death, good and evil, black and white, yin and yang, male and female, in and out, positive and negative, above and below. One cannot function without the other. A WHEEL NEEDS friction for it to turn, as does life. Right now we are experiencing a fusion of the extremes and whilst this is happening we've got to be aware that it's a delicate matter. We've got to be strong and as upfront as we can be. Take things in and let them out.Don't dwell on them. Blend in with the changing environment. Be flexible or else we may snap. We've got to give way to the changing times or else we'll be carried off with the tide. It's our own decision, freewill. Everything we do. We decide our own destinies,whether to live or not. It's our jigsaw and it's up to ourselves to fit the pieces together, cos they do fit, so well, in fact, that nothing can get between them. When they fit you will know...


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