ECOTOPIA is a summer university and youth festival that takes place every year in August, each time in a different country in Europe. Around 500 people from north, south, east, west, and the center of Europe gather together in our dream village. We make day-to-day policy through direct democracy at the daily circle and exchange knowledge through workshops. "Ecotopians" try to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, use alternative sources of energy, eat organic and vegetarian food, make music and party! We participate in regional actions, try to get local people interested in ecological problems and empower local organisations.

Ecotopia is organised by European Youth For(est) Action (EYFA), which is a European-wide network of young individuals and youth organisations. It started in 1985 as an initiative to "Save the Forest of Europe".Since then the organisation has expanded, and now spreads information, organises camps, actions, seminars, training schemes, biketours and other events all around Europe.

This year, Ecotopia is going to Poland. The event will be held in Wolimierz, in the south-western part of the country (in the district of Jelenia Gora), close to Izerskie Mountain. This area where the Polish, Czech and German borders meet, is called the Black Triangle and has faced the ecological catastrophe of dying forests, mainly due to industrial polution. Ecotopia will boost and help the existing community of Wolimierz to change the empty village into an eco-art centre, full of life and activity.

More info on the gathering can be found in THE VERGE, an environmental and direct action magazine, which prints up-to-date info on environmental and social justice issues, and publishes alternative poetry and artwork.

EYFA, PO Box 94115, NL-1090 GC Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel: +31-20-6657743

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