What is earth but the very substance of this planet, refined through aeons of time? It is the seedbed of life, free and available for all life.
Mountains are the strength of the Earth itself, they maintain the world by continually translating forces up and down, their pores always breathing. They are older than time. What they do is too timeless for the human mind to grasp. It has no beginning and no end. However hard we may seem, our work is purely beneficent. Such softness comes out of hardness worn down.

We praise the Creator with air. We stretch from world to world and around each one. We give to life and are life. In each world we are different, perfect for each one, making a gift of ourselves for you and for everything alive. We hold sound in our hands, we promote change, we make tangible to you the warmth of the sun. When you breathe air in, you breathe in the essence of the Creator. You can attune to us by recognizing the One in whom you live and move and have your being. We unite you all in the One.

Learn from the energy of fire. We destroy, we consume, we transform, and in the process we bring health and warmth to life. You are in an era of change when old ways are breaking down. Accept and move with that change in yourselves. Let greed or desire for power burn out in you. In their place will arise a field of awareness of the whole. Love and sharing will grow in you, as will the creative fire to find the means of expressing them. Fire melts and tempers flare; let the fire of love do the same with you.

Feel the returning rain as it hastens back to the earth. Are not all components of life inextricably linked, one with the other- the water longing to transcend and the vegetation longing for it to come? And when their oneness is accomplished, does not the soft, green harmony of growth spread over the land, all creation rejoicing in it? Everywhere you look, everywhere you listen, the same story of the interrelationship of life is told. Beyond your senses, in the inner worlds that cause these effects, continues to repeat itself in endless variety.

All of life is part of you

You are children of the elements, composed of and part of the elements. The world and your bodies were made so that you may find and express the joy of all creation, but you are destroying yourselves because you think you are separate from the rest of life. How can you possibly think you are separate? How can you not know that when the wind blows, it is part of you? The sun gives to you and is part of you with each sunbeam. From the water you came, and the water joins you all. Without the air you breathe, you could not live. How can you not know that if one suffers, the whole consciousness of the Earth partakes of that? And when one rejoices, the whole takes part.
Love all of life and become one with it. All of life is part of you.

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