An ancient Hindu legend tells us that all people used to be Gods.

But they abused their Godness.

Brahma, the God of all Gods, decided to take away their powers and hide those in a place unfindable for the people. Now the problem was to find such place.

All the people were called together to solve this problem, and they suggested:

"Lets bury the Godness of people in the earth."

But Brahma replied: "No, that won't do, because people will dig and find the Godness."

To that the people said:"In that case let us throw it in the deepest of the ocean."

But again Brahma answered :"No, because sooner or later, mankind will explore the deepest of the oceans, and it is certain he will find the Godness one day and bring it back to the surface."

Then the people decided:"We don't know where to hide the Godness because on earth or in the ocean is a place where man or woman will find it"

And Brahma answered:"Listen to what we will do with the Godness of mankind: we will hide it in the deepest of himself, for that is the only place where he won't think of looking."

Since that time says the legend, we have explored every corner of the world, travelled, dived and dug in search for something we will only find within ourselves.

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