Céad míle fáilte romhaibh go léir

Welcome to another edition of Tuar Ceatha (rainbow) awareness magazine. It's Our eighth edition which we hope you will enjoy. The sunny summer amongst other things diverted us, and yet again, we arrive better late than (n)ever, for the winter solstice.

This is a non profit making, voluntary magazine, with all money received going to cover costs. We need new material all the time, and are always open to feedback and suggestions. It's up to you. Thank's to all for the support given to keep this magazine alive and kicking. The idea of the magazine is to address issues which affect us all today. To increase our understanding, create more awareness, educate, give hope, provide solutions and move towards a brighter and better world. We live in the information age and it is our aim lo spread as much clear, truthful and precise information. As variety is the spice of life, we like to cover a broad spectrum of topics. We believe in this magazine and hope that it may be of benefit to as many people as possible. In our ever changing world, we feel that it is neccessary to spread this information so we can be more in touch with what is happening around us. We can if we want, consciously create change in our own personal lives and globally also, if we work together.

We are all here together, as one.


Grá agus Dóchas, Tuar Ceatha

Do not put off until later what you can do NOW

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