"History cannot tell us who erected the standing stones for its records do not reach beyond the dawn of oor civilisation. But before that dawn there was the twilight of another civilisation. History may ignore it, folklore may move it in circles, nevertheless the vestige
remains. Great stones on the uplands and green ways winding across the chalk bear witness to the works of ancient people long since fallen asleep."

Marie-Paule Schmidt Halbmer (1977-78)

Many years ago, an ancient people with immense technological knowledge and wisdom carved massive stones. These stones were moved to be placed upon sites with cosmic dimensions, sometimes over great distances.

Archeolgists have used scientific studies to prove that ancient sites were used for burials, and as stellar and planetary observatories. But quite often this acquired scientific knowledge tends to be blind to the light stored within these sites. What is required in this situation is an open mind allowing them to accept what is considered the unacceptable.

The neolithic and megalithic sites of this and every other country were not only used to map out sun cycles, moon cycles, star rotation and planetary movement, but were also strategically placed upon earth energy lines, known as ley lines, which form a grid encompassing the entire planet. The sites erected on this grid feed off the earth's energies communicating to each other through this system, rather like a modern computer network.

So the ancients were the hackers of the cosmos using these sites as their computer terminals. The knowledge of the programs used needs to be relearnt (it is within us) so that anybody wanting to avail of them can reap the rewards of yesterday.

Although many do not see the plight of the ancient stones and sacred sites to be as worthy a cause to fight for as the depletion of the rainforests or pollution of the oceans, we believe that the removal or interference of stones placed upon the grid can only lead to the destruction of ourselves. The stones are living breathing entities, just like us, but exist on a far greater time scale. Throughout time they have entangled our dreams.

Solas Art travels lreland and the continent using the medium and energy of stone to create art as a means of visual awareness and healing for ourselves and the planet.

Dean, Nathalie, Solas.

We are all like instruments of an orchestra, each having his or her own place and instrument to play.

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