Magik is a component of the West because Magik is about changing things. Magik is not entertaining trickery, nor is it the supernatural hocus-pocus supposed by some religionists and projected by cult movies. True Magik is the art of bringing about desired changes. The West is also about the physical, and before you can perform you must first learn to control the physical.

Magik is the weaving and shaping of unseen forces and energies into form. So Magik might be described as the craft of shaping things the way we want them to be. The shaman with the wisdom and knowledge to shape Magik, was thus a 'wise shaper'. Magik is the art of bringing into your life, or the lives of those who seek your heip, the changes that are wanted, whether in the form of physical objects or in conditions and circumstances. It is the wilfui direction of energies in order to bring those changes into existence.

As we have already discussed, physical matter is alive with energy. Indeed, every single material manifestation is but a complex pattern of energy. It is not the physical object which determines what the energy pattern is. Magik is achieved by bringing into existence the required energy-pattern for the elemental substances to arrange themselves. The energy-pattern is established through the power of thought.

Again contrary to popular superstitious belief, Magik is not in the tools, impiements or paraphernalia used. These are merely aids to represent an idea, to act as a symbolic representation on the physical plane of that which exists on another plane, or which serve as links or connectors for the energy to channel through.

The real Magik is within the mind of the maker - the Mage. For Magik is made by the imagination and the Will, and that is why creative imagination is stressed so strongly, and why it is necessary to exercise and control the imagination for creative work. It is the image seen in the mind's eye becoming manifest as a physical reality that is Magik. The Mage is like a magnet - a mage-net - who sets up a thoughtform in the energy field of unformed substance and draws into it the primary elements required to build the image into material reality so that it can be seen outwardly as well as imagined inwardly. The imagined obect, condition or circumstances often comes about in unexpected but totally natural ways.

Magik is about accepting responsibility as a 'creator' - and in truth that is what each of us is. Knowingly or unknowingly, wilfully or 'accidentally we are bringing into our lives the circumstances, conditions and things which we ourselves have been creating with our belief systems through the operation of natural and cosmic laws.

When you wilfuliy 'work' Magik, you accept responsibility for your own life. No longer can you blame others, circumstances, fate, god, satan, or whoever or whatever, for then you recognise that it is yourself that has brought it about.

Magik* This is a deliberate spelling to indicate the difference between the magik of
bringing into being desired changes, the magic of illusion and trickery and superstition, and the magick of the ceremonial occultist.

Magik, Magik, everywhere, in the ground and in the air.

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