Meditation for the Heart

Settle your body in a comfortable position, letting go of any tension, not holding on to any part of your body.

Now start to observe your body breathing, without interfering, just witnessing the flow of breath, letting go of all thoughts.

Now visualise a bright warm light in the middle of your chest, around your heart; see and feel this light, it is your light, your flame of universal love.

Now let this light slowly grow, let it expand from your chest into your whole body, until your whole body is completely filled up with that bright, warm, loving light. Feel it in every cell af your being, vibrating and energising yourself with love.

Now let this light expand even more, so it grows out of your body, into the room and out into the world, being a source of love for every being that comes your way.

Whether plant, animal or human, we all need that light and it lives in each of us, and it grows the more we share it.

Now feel your light of love embracing life in all its different shapes that it manifests in, and feel that light of love being reflected back onto yourself, filling you up and closing the circle of giving and taking.

The more we give, the more we can receive.


What is believed to be Ireland's oldest yew tree can be seen in the estate of Crom Castle (seat of the Earl of Erne), Newtownbutler, in Co. Fermanagh. It is an example of symbiosis, that is, a male and female growing together. Its age is uncertain but it is said in the time of Elizabeth 1 a Knight-at-arms said "fatewell" to his lady beneath its boughs.

Its spread of branch measures a quarter of an acre and a Dublin guide book, published in 1930, claimed a could shelter as many as one thousand people. Well worth a vist.

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