Song of a Warrior

Unsure of the truth in her heart
She offers a sacrifice...... To the warriors
Accepting the role of her life
Speaking the truth to disguise pain
Warrior tears have ceased fire
Time is a test to the fighter
but the breath, it is needed for more

Unsure of the love in her life
She lets go of all she desires..... to be a warrior
Accepting her evil within
speaking in positive light now
her eyes show a wisdom in darkness
Time is a leader to ageing
but the words of the child offer more

Unsure of the life she must lead
She tries not to think far ahead..... as a warrior
she keeps both her feet on the ground.
Turning her fear into courage
changing her fist for a caring
time is a friend to the healer
and the words that she finds are for all.

confusion may lead her astray
but somehow she knows she's not .....she is a warrior
and her fight's in the balance that's gone
winding her way past her sadness
keeping experience simple
Time brings on new ways of thinking
and the way to the truth is your own

and she stands still
and she's shaking
the fear's still
in her making
but she moves on
through a journey
where she holds on
to No-one to hold onto

Finding her way on her own
she wants to know
which way to go
so she follows the road
that no-one else chose
supposing it shows
mistakes can be gold.


(Thanks to the tree walk)

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
St. Martin de Porres

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