" NOW T H A T S W H A T I C A L L S O M E L I N K S . . ."

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Web Address Site details NOW connection NOW rating
EveryHit? A complete searchable database of all UK hit singles! Pick any track on any NOW and see how well it did. 05/10
UKmusicDatabase Does exactly what it says - A complete Uk music database The NOW artists obviously feature but not actually related 04/10
Brandt Animation The company who design the NOW tv adverts. A very classy site with excellent information on the NOW adds 07/10
Sun 80s 80s Web radio station from Ireland Well you'll hear the odd track from NOW 01-16 04/10
NOW UK The official UK site Obviously very commercial and always trying to push the latest NOW 08/10
NOW US The official US site Again extremely commercial and you can buy from it. 09/10
UK Collectibles A great site for magazine and music memories Some of the older NOWs can be found for sale 07/10
Destiny Lyrics A top site for getting the lyrics to songs Complete lyrics available for some of the NOWs 08/10
Another Fan Site A very well structured Fan site from one of the originals Images and info! 08/10