Updated - 22 November, 2000

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Skirmish Mode

If you are bored of the missions and want to play a Skirmish game, start the game by adding ' -1player' as a parameter. For example if you normally started with C:\dungeo~1\keeper95, then you would add -1player so it would become C:\dungeo~1\keeper95 -1player. This will allow you to choose a new 1 player option in Multiplayer which has all the normal multiplayer levels except against the computer.



Have you ever wondered what creatures to drop into the temple pool? Heres a list of the consiquenses.

Imps - Sacrifice a few of these little guys and they get much cheaper to create! Well worth it.

Fly & Spider - Get a Warlock

2 Beetles - Complete current manufacturing

2 Flies - Complete current research

Beetle & Spider - Get a Dark Mistress

3 Spiders - Get a Bile Demon

Ghost - All your chickens die

Vampire - All monsters diseased

2 Bile Demons - All monsters turn into chickens

Horned Reaper - All monsters angry!

Dark Mistress & Bile Demon & Troll - Get the Horned Reaper