Swiss Commemoration


Back from Switzerland having commemorated the passing of the Earls that way during the St. Patrick's Weekend. It was a wonderful experience. Have a look at

At the Finale (Catherine Rhatigan introduces everyone) of a wonderful concert in Lugano 15th March

O'Donnell/Donegal group at Faido through which the Earls passed 400 years earlier.

Morning of the 17th having crossed Lake Lucerne by boat, same as the Earls, we prepare to head for the Devil's Bridge.


Piper plays 'St. Patrick's Day' before moving off across the bridge.

Flags representing O'Donnell, Maguire and O'Neill cross the bridge.

Crossing the 'Devil's Bridge' on St. Patrick's Day 2008. This is not exactly the bridge that was there 400 years ago; it was destroyed in 1799 during the Napoleonic Wars. This is the replacement. Above right is the motorway bridge now crossed by thousands daily.

Arriving at the far end of the bridge.

Ambassador receives a green cape symbolising the 'Old Ireland.'
Capes were manufactured by The Irish History Company, Forthill, Sligo especially for the occasion.


Irish Ambassador, Mr. James Sharkey had much to do with organising proceedings, here he speaks of the 'New Ireland' that is now part of Europe

Plaque unveiled afterwards in memory of the Earls passing that way and also symbolising the 'New Ireland.'