realcap v0.311


What is it?

Realcap is a bash utility to help with capturing streams from realplayer.
Please note: I am no longer maintaining this project and I am unable to provide any support relating to realcap. The last version is available below. If you want an alternative, MPlayer can competently capture both video and audio streams.



From the help file:
Most basic operation requires only the stream URL.
Available options:
-v, --versiondisplay version
-h, --helpdisplay help text
-c, --captimeduration of stream in seconds. remember to take initial buffering into account (defaults to 1 hour)
-o, --oggbitsnominal bitrate (kbps) of ogg vorbis output. if omitted ogg encoding will not occur
-m, --mp3bitsconstant bitrate (kbps) of mp3 output. if omitted mp3 encoding will not occur
-q, --oggqualityogg vorbis quality between 0 - 10, 10 being the highest. Fractional values allowed
-a, --trackartistartist's name for ID3 tag in compressed output file
-t, --tracktitletrack title for ID3 tag in compressed output file
-f, --filenameall output files will be given this name. do not provide an extension( defaults to vsound.wav/ogg/mp3)
-d, --deletedeletes wav file after recording if ogg vorbis bitrate/mp3 is specified (otherwise this parameter is ignored)

How do I get it?

Download realcap.0311.tar.gz (3278 bytes). You can then either place realcap on the system path (somewhere like /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin) or if you don't have root acces on the system you can create a bin directory in your user directory like so:

mkdir bin

You can then add this directory to your path by modifying the file ~/.bashrc to include this line:

export PATH=$PATH:~/bin

You can then execute realcap as you do any other available command. See the README file for more information.

Thanks to:
John McGowan for his suggestion regarding the potential locations of real streams. You can now specify any local or remote location you wish.

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