History of the Wemyss family in Ireland

Ireland This website is intended to serve as a resource for collecting information on the history of the Wemyss family in Ireland. There are many variants of the surname in Ireland eg. Weymes,Wemys,Weems,Wimbs,Wymes,Wims,Wyms,etc. Information on all variants of the surname in Ireland is equally valued and when available will be published here. If you have any information on Wemyss (Weems,Weymes,etc.) family history in Ireland then please contact Bob Wemyss at the following email address: robert.wemyss2@mail.dcu.ie

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    The sources of the links in this table are Michael Weymes (gweymes@eircom.net) and Theresa Cleaver (tessa118@hotmail.co.uk):
  • The Origins of the surname
  • Variants of the surname
  • Wemyss at Danesfort
  • Sir Patrick Wemyss
  • Account of Sir Patrick at Drogheda
  • Nick Reddan's Newspaper Abstracts
  • Resume of Sir Patrick Wemyss
  • Wemys in the Irish Parliament
  • Other Wyms families
  • Sligo Wemyss
  • Wymes in State Papers
  • The Skreen/Dromard Wymes 1797-2005

  • Other links:
  • Thomastown Wemyss
  • Reference to Danesfort House
  • List of Kilkenny City Mayors
  • Patrick Wemys, St. Canice's Cathederal 1756

  • I also have a PDF Version (20MB!) on "The House of Wemyss- 1000 Year history" by John Wemyss-Kessler.

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