Wesley Chapel, Patrick Street

In the 1750's when John Wesley first came to Cork there were boats moored along the open channel that was to become
St. Patrick's Street.  Between 1800 and 1850 Patrick Street took shape to become the spacious and dignified
thoroughfare known today.
Wesley Chapel, opened for worship on 17 April 1805, was among the first of the new buildings
and for over 180 years was the major focal point for Cork Methodism.  Worship continued in the church until 1986 when
the building was sold in preparation for the development at Ardfallen.  The premises are now used as a retail centre.

A drawing of Wesley Chapel, Patrick Street, done in 1866
by Robert Stopford, a class leader and organist at
Wesley Chapel
The interior of Wesley Chapel                 

WesleyChapel WesleyChapelInside