Ophthalmic Related Sites:

EYE Resources on the Internet, a Comprehensive Listing

B.O.P.A., British Ophthalmic Photographers Association

Twin Chimney - Ophthalmic Photography publishing company

Photography Related Sites:

Cork Camera Group

Carrigaline Photographic Society - A very active camera club

East Kilbride Camera Club

Kevin Ryan - Irish photography at its best

Sensual Photography - Tasteful and High Quality

Paul Roark - The Ansel Adams influence is obvious

Astronomy Related Sites:

Skymaps - At the start of each month you can print a hi-res picture of the sky, and more besides.

Astronomy Software

Sky and Telescope Magazine

Hubble Space Telescope Pictures

Dublin Night Sky Observer Astronomy

Help with the search for ET ! (seriously)

Irish Related Sites:


All things Oirish !


The complete guide to Ireland apparently

An Irish Search Engine!

The Irish Examiner's view of the news of the world.