Code of Conduct for CFT Divers

CFT and its divers will

Be Law Abiding

Know the law.
Respect other people and property.
Report all discoveries to the appropriate authorities.

Be Respectful

Your dive may be on or in someone's grave.
Accord your dive site appropriate respect.

Be Aware

Underwater cultural heritage represents thousands of years of history.
Leave the site as you found it and ensure that it remains our heritage not just for today but for tomorrow.
Many marine environments and their inhabitants are delicate and easily disturbed. 'Take only photographs and leave only bubbles'.

Be Responsible

Ensure that you are properly trained for dives you are undertaking and prepare appropriately for each dive. You have a responsibility to yourself and your family to come back safely.

Be Leaders

CFT and its members will provide leadership by ensuring that all documentation, courses, tests and all other activities are undertaken bearing in mind the need to protect and manage our underwater cultural heritage. CFT and its divers will set an example by showing courtesy to all water users.