Valentia Island, situated off the coast of the Ring of Kerry, is the most westerly point of Western Europe. Next stop west of Valentia is the U.S.A. 1900 miles of ocean away. Easily accessible with a Car/Passenger Ferry operating from 1st April to 30th September from Renard Point to Knightstown, and by road via the Portmagee Bridge, many tourists flock to this island annually because of Valentia's historical significance and natural beauty.

There are various types of accomodation available on the island ranging from B&B's, Guesthouses, Self-Catering, and Hostels.

The main village on the island is Knightstown, called after the "Knight of Kerry" who formerly owned the island. It is the main hub of activity on the island. There are a number of bars and restaurants on the island with a reputation for some excellent food. The other village on the island is Chapelstown - a lot quieter then Knightstown.