The Club

Wicklow Sub-Aqua Club was founded at premises at Wicklow harbour in 1980 by a small group of enthusiasts who could see the wonderful potential for the sport in the area. The club was formed to promote the sports of Scuba and snorkel diving and give the people of the area a chance to enjoy the excitement of underwater exploration. Today it has over 40 members.

Wicklow Sub-Aqua Club is affiliated to Comhairle Fo-Thuinn (Irish Underwater Council). CFT is the governing body for diving in Ireland, which provides certification for diving qualifications. CFT is also affiliated to CMAS (Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques); this is the World Underwater Federation.

It is through CMAS that all certification issued by Wicklow Sub-Aqua Club has international recognition. On completion of the training programme, the diver is issued with a log book. This is essentially the diver's passport that can be presented as proof of competency at dive centres anywhere in the world.

Over the years the club has been involved in many projects, one of which was the raising of the three anchors from the Greek ship 'Tryfillia', which sank off Wicklow on November 12 1912.

The project began in 1983 and culminated two years later with the anchors being mounted on a stone plinth overlooking Wicklow Harbour. This monument is dedicated to all those from Wicklow who lost their lives at sea. (See picture above)

Wicklow Sub-Aqua Club is administered by the club committee elected at the AGM held at the end of each diving season.