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Name: Jack - Breed: Jack Russell - Age: 3 years - Gender: Male
Jack is about 3 years old.  We are hoping he will find his forever home soon.  He is typical terrier always up to mischief and full of energy. He loves his toys and going for a walks and would love a home where he will get loads of attention and love.  Click here to find out more about Jack and the rest of the animals available to adopt!

What Wicklow SPCA does:

For one hundred years the Wicklow Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Wicklow SPCA) has worked tirelessly to rehabilitate and rehome animals. We provide love, care and much needed attention to hundreds of animals that are abused, mistreated and hurt throughout the year. This is why it's crucial that we ask for your support.

We believe that in order to try and prevent animal cruelty, education is key. In the navigation above, we provide you with some handy training tips, veterinarian tips and more so why not take a look and we are sure you'll find something helpful!






























Horse Abandonment

In March 2010, we recieved a call from the Gardai in Arklow in relation to a number of abandoned horses just outside of Arklow. We immediately went out to the site with the Gardai but by the time we arrived, 3 of the 11 horses had already died of starvation. 

With the help of the Gardai and DSPCA, we transported the remaing horses to our facilities here in Sharpeshill. Unfortunately it was too late for one of the rescued horse and we were unable to save it. Out of the seven surving horse we have managed to find home for three of them. We have made sure that they have gone to caring and responsible owners, as people often underestimate the cost and responsibilities which come with caring for equines.

With the economic downturn, the number of abandoned horses has increased dramatically over the last few years. Horses are being abandoned all around the country as people cannot afford to maintain them. Equine sanctuaries and animal sanctuaries are almost all full to capacity and are finding it difficult to cope with the constant influx of neglected horses. We ask everyone who would like a horse to do in-depth research into the cost and responsibility of maintaing the animal as it is not an easy task.

RTE News visited the centre to document the crisis. Please click on the links below which will refer you to the RTE New website and allow you view the piece aired on the 9 o'clock news on the 26th March 2010.   

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