My name is Willie Daly and my daughter Marie and I are third and fourth generation matchmakers - a tradition we are exceedingly proud of. We see ourselves as the antidote to the dating agency and while we use some of its means in getting couples together, we mainly believe in and employ traditional matchmaking techniques.

What Do Marie And Willie Daly Offer Those Of Us Who Are Looking For That Bit Of Elusive Romance ?

Traditional And Intuitive Matchmakers
Willie and Marie provide you with the ideal location, atmosphere and disposition to fall in love. We will keep a watchful but non intrusive eye on you and all our guests. The traditional tools of matchmaking are intuition, subtly, gentle nudges, a little encouragement, the right atmosphere and insightful knowledge of human nature. Willie and Marie possess all these characteristics and employ them in full. Willie has successfully matched a multitude of people over successive generations. Marie's youthful and feminine participation in the tradition ideally compliments her father's masculinity and experience, making us the perfect couple to find you just what you're looking for. We do not believe in the cold unfeeling computerised personality profiling operations of dating agencies. Should you embark upon one of our holidays or simply avail of our matchmaking services, you are sure to enjoy the experience whether or not you find your true love.

A Romantic Environment In Which To Fall In Love
We are located in the Irish county of Clare within the hauntingly beautiful limestone lunar landscape of the Burren - surrounded by sea, sand, wild rocky cliffs and green lush fields. This setting has attracted and inspired the most romantic souls of them all - writers and artists. You cannot fail but to feel the romance in the air here.

Socialising And Night Life
One of the best ways of meeting and getting to know people is through spending time with them in relaxed environments. Willie and Marie provide exactly this sort of opportunity for you. We will take you to traditional music sessions at Willie's pub in Ennistymon and to the famous music venues of Doolin. You can enjoy a local ceiligh where the craic is mighty and everybody "lets their hair down." You will enjoy fantastic Irish and Continental cuisine at Willie's restaurant The Sugan Chair, in the company of like minded people, and who knows among them may be your ideal partner.

The Love Trail Riding Holiday
The Love Trail is a six day riding holiday at Willie Daly's. You will be part of a group of six to eight individuals some of whom are seriously looking for romance with the others perhaps light heartedly pursuing it. The love trail takes you on horse back to some of the most treasured and beautiful sights in the country. You will stay in a beautifully restored 16th century house and enjoy its romantic atmosphere.

Valentines Weekend
Why not contact Willie and Marie and find out what they've organised for this Valentines weekend.

Now You Know What We Offer, What Do You Do?

Love Trail
Contact us if you want more information.

You Simply Want To Avail Of Our Matchmaking Services
We have thousands of people on our books. Simply contact us for an appointment, a chat, or for more information. We know that the matchmaker's job became obsolete when people, especially women gained more independence and participated to a greater level and with greater frequency in all echelons of the work force. Cultural and economic changes consequently occurred and low and behold the matchmaking tradition was no longer required. Then life became too hectic, and people became too busy and too particular to meet each other and fall in love, and so the birth of the computerised dating agency. While we recognise the success of the dating agency, we ourselves do not believe in the statistical approach to finding love. We believe in the old and natural methods.
... and here a true story:
A man called Paddy John Joe asked me to find him a wife and wanted to discuss the possibilities with me. Each place i suggested to meet him he said "No, No, someone will see you with me a know you are helping me find a wife!". Eventually, he suggested meeting me at an unused graveyard: Paddy John Joe, his dog 'Spot' and me.
As we were discussing his chances of finding true love, two car loads of Americans pulled up at the graveyard searching for their ancestors called 'Murphy'. Paddy John Joe shouted to me "Get down, get down or they will see us".
The Americans saw us and came towards us and we felt like two eejits lying on the ground. I pretended to be looking for my keys and on getting up one of the Americans recognised me as the Matchmaker.
I introduced Paddy John Joe as an eligible bachelor with a small farm overlooking the sea.
An American girl, about fourtyish was bending down rubbing, patting and talking to 'Spot' the dog when he jumped up and bit her nose.
Paddy ran over to comfort the girl and, jokingly, i said "You will have to marry her now!".
Every one laughed, but her Aunt, to my surprise, assisted me in encouraging them.
The got married one year later, now have two children, a nice lifestyle and are living 'Happily ever after' ...

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