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My current sculptures rely heavily on techniques developed while creating original models for my limited edition ceramics.

The freedom from the technical restrictions and considerations that slip casting imposed, has allowed me to explore and expand these casting processes to allow a far greater creative scope.

The majority of the work is still based around life casting with clothing details, often incorporating drapes or organic and natural materials.

A lot of the work is made to commission, often immortalising customers favourite bits! However I try to keep a few pieces available from my workshop.

All works are unique one off pieces, this allows me to develop new ideas, techniques, and materials.

The cement fondue is reinforced with polypropylene fibres which as well as making it very weather resistant, allows me to make large, light weight sculptures as architectural installations and water features.

I am currently working with Chris Scotti to develop casting techniques that will allow my work to be translated into bronze...... Watch this space!

Prices from £500

On request, if this dinosaur can manage it, I will endeavour to send more info, images and prices via the net, or if I fail, by snail mail!