The Stentor 5 Watt

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In the 80's when I was a mere cabin boy and God himself was in short trousers, this was a very popular and available wee beastie. It always came from the Netherlands ( "Wow they sell coffee in here too..." ) and it was a great way for us pirates to get the ball rolling. The first transmitter we ever used at South Dublin Radio used one of these and an SD1278 output stage to produce a relatively clean and stable 40 Watt output. My mate John bought it from a bloke called Peter Gibney, who was the engineer at Sunshine Radio in Portmarnock at the time, and it was boxed up and aligned by a groovy hippy called Tony Mulligan. The whole thing fitted into a single standard diecast box and was known from then on as "The silver rig". There was plenty of space on the band at the time for us to drift around in, and digital radios that require a correct frequency to lock on to were not at all common, so it was ideal and economical for us right then. We graduated to a commercial CTE 250 Watt into four folded dipoles on a 60 foot mast in case you are sneering... It was the'80s dammit. Here are the details of the original Stentor courtesy of Radio Rob and the transmitter is still available from the good folks at Dutch Transmitters . We made our own Stentor's a little bit later, drawing the PCB with etch resist pen and etching it in the kitchen sink, and I made a few modifications to the original design so that is the bulk of this page for the home constructor. Please be careful to pick one of these and follow it, they are only a little different but you could get into trouble trying to mix and match them.

Radio Rob's Original Stentor Manual In Dutch - Includes Schematic & PCB layout

A Photo Of Rob's Nasty VFO Selection...

Visit Radio Rob's Site - It's In Dutch Too!!

Yellowbeard's Vintage Stentor Circuit Diagram

Yellowbeard's Stentor PCB

Yellowbeard's Stentor Layout

Yellowbeard's Stentor Express PCB File

MRF237 PDF File

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