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First of all I think you need to know what this transmitter is all about, and it's strengths and limitations. Many column inches have been written about this transmitter, most either do not express a preference or are very scathing. One of the bad reviews for this is by Mr. Moss at NRG kits , and while 99% of what he says is correct, he is wrong in one critical aspect. This transmitter is like a Trabantz - it's primary designed out of economic necessity, and while it does its job, it is unstable and belches out a hell of a lot of pollution. At the time when it was popular you could not get 3 watts cheaper, and it does work if you construct it well. I think of it with nostalgia, and while it should not be considered for serious use, here are the details in case you need them... If you do build this, then it must be placed away from people, in a metal box and thermally insulated with fibreglass wool or expanded polystyrene. I suggest you only ground the transmitter to the box at one point, say the power supply 0 Volt terminal, and mount the audio and R.F. connectors on a panel insulated from the box, and use screened audio cable and co-ax to connect them to the board. This transmitter is no good for driving any sort of amplifier, but it's output impedance is 75 Ohm, so you can use standard TV co-ax and either a simple half wave dipole or almost any outdoor aerial for F.M. reception to launch your signal.


Pantek P.C.B Layout

Pantek Schematic

Pantek P.C.B. Layout

2N3553 PDF

Pantek Parts List

This transmitter may be still available as a kit, but I have been unable to locate a supplier. If you know different then feel free to mail me at this address but please put PANTEK in the e-mail title or I might think you are selling me viagra or something!


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