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"Tracing your Wexford Ancestors"


County Wexford Heritage & Genealogy Society




County Wexford Heritage and Genealogy was established to assist people in tracing their Wexford roots.  We are members of the Irish Family History Foundation - a 32 county state and church approved organisation dedicated solely to genealogical research.









 Tracing Wexford families previously was difficult as the source material was scattered throughout the country.  Here, at County Wexford Heritage and Genealogy, we have collected a considerable amount of this material and provide a full time professional genealogy service for people wishing to trace their Wexford ancestors.

Source material and records used at our centre include:

Church Records


Land Records

Landed Gentry


Published Sources

Other Additional Information




For more information:

Write to:

Yola Farmstead & Wexford Genealogy Centre


Rosslare Harbour




Co. Wexford






+353 53 9132610 (053 9132610 in Ireland)




+353 53 9132612 (053 9132612 in Ireland)










Enquiries can be initiated by completing and returning the Registration Form with a fee.  In return you will receive a "Genealogy Pack" containing information helpful to begin your search.  Click here to go to the "Fill out Form Page".





Stages in Tracing your Ancestors


Stage 1: An Assessment

With an application form and assessment fee, a preliminary search of all our sources for records relating to your ancestors' family will be carried out

Where records are found, we will quote you for the preparation of your Family History Report. In cases where records are not found, we will inform you of the searches carried out.

Allow 12 weeks for the results of an assessment


Stage 2: Preparing your Family History Report

A Family History Report is a compilation of all relevant genealogy records found. Additional research will not be carried out without prior consent of the enquirer.

Allow 6 weeks for this service


~ Additional Information ~


Common Surnames in County Wexford

Murphy, Sinnott, Doyle, Furlong, Walsh, Rossiter, Scallan, Brien, Brown, Stafford, Devereux and Kavanagh.


Famous People with Wexford Roots

U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy had Wexford ancestry as had US Navy founder Commodore John Barry, Admiral Earl Beatty, General John O'Herron, the songwriter Thomas Moore, 'Big' Jem Roche, the boxer, playwright Bill Roche, Australian outlaw Ned Kelly had their family roots in County Wexford as have the Fry family the famous chocolate manufacturers.


Main Towns in County Wexford

Wexford, Enniscorthy, Gorey and New Ross. Wexford town is famous for its annual Opera Festival. Other visitor attractions include the Yola Farmstead, The Irish National Heritage Park, Vinegar Hill, Tacumshane and Tagoat Windmills and the Saltee Island Bird Sanctuary.


Emigration from Wexford

Wexford was long noted for the prosperity of its farms and for its industrial farmers. It may have been for these reasons that Wexford suffered less than many Irish counties when the Great Famine struck in 1845. The rural population density in 1841 was one of the lowest in the country at 217 persons per square mile. There was considerable emigration especially from the north of the county which continued throughout the 19th century. The county's population was then 202,000 persons. By 1851 the population of Wexford had fallen to 180,000 and by 1891 to 112,000.

New York, Boston, Texas and Nova Scotia received the bulk of Wexford emigrants but some also settled in Argentina, Australia and England.