The Yumi Yuki Club

The Yumi Yuki Club is one of the best clubs in Cork city for more reasons than one. It's atmosphere is unsurpassed with it's relaxing interior where one can feel the enlightenment of the East as one sits to have an exotic drink from
The Yumi Yuki Club
their choice of Japanese beers (or a regular beer if that is what you are looking for) or have a lovely meal beautifully prepared by some of the best chef's in Cork or at night to just dance the night away to the great music that is provided by excellent DJ's. And the staff that work in The Yumi Yuki Club are the nicest staff you will ever have encountered on your travels - if you are not sure what to order in the way of a drink or a meal they will offer you excellent advice of which I am sure after a visit there you will agree that they will have played a part in you having one of the best nights of your life. All in all between the lovey atmosphere, the delicious food, the great tasting beers, excellent music, friendly staff and the nice people that frequent The Yumi Yuki Club you are gauranteed to have one of the best nights out that Cork has to offer. If you don't believe me drop in and check it out for yourself and I am sure that you will also be recommending a night out in
The Yumi Yuki Club to all your friends.

Triskel Arts Center
Tobin Street
Tel: 353-21-4275777
Fax: 353-21-272592

Map to The Yumi Yuki Club


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