Decies Road

No of Houses :

Length : 1 Km
Built : . 1948/50 House No. 1-78
1949/51 House No. 79-239
Naming of the road
This road takes it's name from an area in the Munster region. There are two Baronies of this name in county Waterford, viz., 'Decies' without 'Drum' and 'Decies' within 'Drum' . The tribes that inhabited this area were known as the 'Desii'. An old style of Irish writing called 'Ogham' has been found on ancient megalithic monuments in the south of Ireland. These monuments are marked with the Ogham characteristics for the word 'Desii', such as deag, deagaid and deceed, from early times a tribe called Clanna Delgaid are mentioned as posessing territory in the south, including the west of Limerick. It is as a result of this tribe settling in Limerick that the name 'Decies' became associated with Limerick and so with Sarsfield.
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