Kylemore Road

No of Houses :


Looking towards Church and Roundabout

Junction with Kylemore Ave.

Looking towards Industrial estate

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Length : 1 Km
Built : . 1948/50 House No. 200-238 (even)
1949/51 House No. 240-354 (even)
Naming of the road
Kylemore pass is the name given to the valley of the Dawros river which flows out of Kylemore Loch and enters the Atlantic at Ballynahill Harbour. The pass is famous for its spectacular scenery.In the last 19th Century, Mr. Mitchell Henry, a wealthy Liverpool merchant, built a white stone castle by the loch. The house later became a benedictine convent and is now a school for girls. It is now known as Kylemore Abbey. Its irish version is "An Choill Mhoir" which in english means "The Great Wood"

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