Markievicz Park
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Constance Gore-Booth was born on 4th February, 1868, in London. She was educated by a governess in her family home at Lissadell, Co. Sligo. She studied art in Paris and it was there that she met Count Dunin- Markievicz, a Polish catholic nobleman. He moved to Ireland with his ill wife and when she died he married Constance in 1900.

Countess Markievicz became involved in both the Gaelic league and the Irish literary revival, in 1906 she joined the youth movement of the Irish republican brotherhood. During the 1913 lockout and general strike, she ran a soup kitchen in Dublin. During the 1916 Rising, she was second in command in the college of surgeons

She was elected M.P. for St. Patrick's Division, Dublin. In the first Dail, which met in 1919 she was made minister for labour. She was active during the war of Independence and opposed the treaty. She joined Fianna Fail in 1926 and elected to the Dail again in 1927 but died on 15th July that same year.


One of two parks in Ballyfermot. It has a number of football/Gaelic pitches, a five-a-side all weather pitch and a kids adventure playground;

It was ringed by high hedges and trees up until a couple of years ago. But due to some nasty attacks by thugs these where removed to make it more open and visible.


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