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Director: Eduardo Castillo
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Published: July, 2001
Last Update: JAN, 2011
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Jayro Gonzalez

Already established as an important figure of romantic and sensual Latinoamerican music.

Jayro has performed with Manu Salsa band in many occasions, but he prefers to play his own repertoire of Latino-American music.

In 2006 EC Latin productions realized the necessity to complement Jayro's voice and guitar sound with a bit of percussion, to achieve an even better Latin sound.

In mid 2006 CubaNica was
born, Jayro and Frailan were called to perform at the Royal Yatch Club in Dun Laoghaire.

Jayro & Fraylan duet lasted up untill late 2009. Nowadays the duo is made of Jayro and Eddie, since Feb 2010, keeping up with the tradition of excelency interpreting Latin music.

Their first performance was at a wedding reception at Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, in Jan 2010.

Instrumentation: Acoustic guitar, Congas, other rhythmical instruments. Leading voice:
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1. Y tu que has hecho?
2. Lamento Boliviano (Ballada)

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