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As most of the traffic arriving at your website, will have found you by way of a search engine, it is important that you use them wisely.

Naturally you want your website to appear higher on a search engine list than that of your competitors. The keywords you choose are the secret to acheiving this.

The various search engines have many obscure ways of ranking a website's position depending on keywords usage. These keywords should reflect the contents and links used in your site.

It is not enough to pick one or two keywords and duplicate them numerous times as the search engines are wise to such techniques and won't rank you at all...

At Alternative Times we have a good insight into how different search engines rank sites. With this in mind we will ensure that the keywords used are the most effective.

Furthermore, increasing the number of pages improves your chances with the search engines. We want your website to be successful and so encourage you to spread the contents over
more pages at no extra cost.

At Alternative Times we submit websites to all the major search engines including DMOZ, Alta Vista, AOL NetFind, EuroSeek, Google, GOTO, Hotbot, Lycos, Excite, LookSmart and Yahoo! to name a few.

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