Meetings are generally held on the first Wednesday of the month at 8pm in the Sneem Resource Centre

Wednesday 4th April 2007
Unfortunately someone had booked the Resource Centre before us so we had the meeting up at our place. Dawn is going to try to get our name down as a regular "first wednesday" booking to avoid this in the future. In attendance, other than Dawn and I, were Tom and Cara, Tom Scott and Etienne Muller. We had a general question and answer session and I talked briefly about the advantage of getting a handle on passwords, and introduced them to Keychain Access.

Wednesday 7th March 2007
After an extended absence we got together in the Sneem Resource Centre at 8pm on a mild but windy winter's evening. In attendance were Cara Allison, Catriona Davies, Tom Scott, Etienne Muller, Barbara Mutschler-Hild, Dawn and myself. We had a lively two hours asking and answering questions, drinking tea and eating cake and biscuits. I gave a bit of a talk on Backups, a timely talk as Barbara had just last week severely damaged her hard drive. We finished at 10pm and I was in a far more positive frame of mind about the whole thing than I was after the last meeting. There are still a couple more people that I would like to see attending as there is so much valuable information traded in the 2 hours. So, until next month then....

Wednesday 6th December 2006
A wild, wet and windy wednesday evening. Only four of us, Dawn, Birgit, Sigi and I, turned up for the meeting which was quite a disappointment but I gave my presentation nevertheless. We then had a general discussion including how CDs and DVDs are manufactured as well as other arcana. I think from now on we'll probably host meetings at our place as it is warmer, has better facilities and, if no-one turns up, Dawn and I haven't wasted a trip into town. A number of people have expressed interest in attending but for various reasons haven't appeared. Funnily enough, those who would benefit most from attending seem always to have something else on... perhaps we need to try a different evening... or a different approach? The User Group was set up by Dawn in the first place due to the increasing number of Mac users in the area who have no-one to address questions to. It is very difficult to find a format for the meetings that would appeal across the board - I had hoped that a very simple introduction to computers would have attracted a few more attendees. Perhaps any potential (or existing) members might email me with their suggestions for content - my email is below. I am also not going to set a time for the next meeting until I get some feedback as to when would suit - so do get in touch please.

This link is to a Flash presentation entitled
"What the Hell is a Computer?" (3.6mb)