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Atlantic Stitches

About Us



The story of this company begins with my parents who have been stitching tapestries since I was a teenager. Between them they complete six or seven
canvasses each year - mostly donating them to raise money for charity. As a  landscape artist I was inspired to try my hand at designing in this medium but it was not until I moved to Ireland I decided to do something about it. For the five years I have lived here I made my living as a signwriter and mural artist and travelled around Ireland soaking up the landscape - sometimes literally!
In 1999, shortly after getting all the equipment, I had a car accident and broke my hip.
Its an ill wind that blows nobody good and after I came out of hospital I had plenty of time to get on with the designs and this website! 18 months later things are getting back to normal although I still cant drive and have instead been all over Ireland by bus and train sketching, photographing and finding outlets for the kits. I dont recommend starting a business with a broken hip but life throws these things at us and our job is to get through it - with a lot of help from our friends! Many Thanks!



My partner Barbara and I can claim to be truly a cottage industry and our
cottage is located just four minutes walk from the Atlantic Ocean and the winds blow clear from America. Indeed winds are the norm here and getting a garden going a challenge. So our first harvest of carrots seemed a good image and hopefully Atlantic Cross Stitch will be similarly fruitful.
Remote as Rathlee sometimes seems - we are only an e-mail away and if you have any comments or suggestions we would love to hear from you.
We hope you will enjoy our tapestries
                                            Andrew Wilson



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