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Atlantic Stitches
FREE Chart

Celtic Knotwork Border

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I have designed a free chart which you can download and print out on your own machine. Although free as a download, if you want me to send you an A3 printout then you will need to pay as with other charts. Based on a design from The Book of Durrow, the piece can be worked in the colours and stitch size of your choice and can either be used to frame a picture or as a design in it's own right. The black rectangles indicate repeatable units enabling the design to be expanded to whatever size you require.

The design was produced on Cross Stitch Professional and saved as as an .xss file. To print out the downloaded file you will need to download a trial version of Cross stich Professional which includes a FREE PRINTER for .xss files.

To download the FREE CHART click here. (13kb)

To download a trial version of Cross Stitch Professional click here. (   )

To order an A3 printout by post goto the Shopping Page to find out how.

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