The Lucey's of Ballingeary

John Lucey (The   younger) (Dob 18th May 1829)  

Son Of John Lucey and Abbey Swiney

Married . ( c.1856  )    Julia (known as Jude) Lynch of Togher Ballyvourney

Died 29th April 1896 ??

Buried : 


  They lived at Kilmore Ballingeary   

John & Julia Lucey's Children


Dob - Dod







Cornelius O'Connell Ballingulley

6 sons 3 daughters



Casey Kileens 

3 sons (Finbarr,Bernie & Christy)

John (Viaduct)


O'Donovan (Manch Ballineen)

4 sons 3 daughters



Went To USA



Went To USA(with Noreen Twomey)



1 daughter Sheila m.Tim Lane

Dan (Terelton)

12/12/1870  - 7/6/1957

Kate Dineen (Coolea)d.4/3/1953

1 son 4 daughters





Sarah Mc Carthy d.18/4/1963

1 son (Sean) 3  daughters,Bina,Eileen,Sheila



Oldham (Rossmore)

 No Family (reared Noreen Twomey)



Twomey (nr. Blarney)

1 daughter(Noreen Twomey) - USA

Paddy (Ballingeary)

b.1881 d.11/4/1951

Mc Sweeney (died in childbirth)

 1 daughter died aged 1


Below are  extracts from Inchegeela Parish baptisimal records for children of John & Julia Lucey


No. Page Surname


Sex Date Month Year Father Mother Surname



296 1041 Lucey Denis M 19 Feb 1857 John Jude Lynch James Cotter Cath.Lucey Killmore
297 1048 Lucey Abbey F 26 Feb 1859 John Julia Lynch Denis Lucey Abbey Lucey Kilmoor
298 1058 Lucey Mary F 16 May 1861 John Jude Lynch Corn. Lucey Cath. Lucey Killmore
299 1068 Lucey John M 7 June 1863 John Julia Lynch Denis Lucey Mary Lucey Kilmoor
300  497 Lucey Cornelius M 6 Mar 1865 John Julia Lynch John Lucey Mary Lucey Kilmoor
301  507 Lucey Bridget F 2 Feb 1867 John Julia Lynch Jereh.Cotter Mary Lynch Kilmore
302  516 Lucey Michael M 15 Dec 1868 John Julia Lynch Corn.Lucey Mary Healy Kilmore
303  526 Lucey Daniel M 12 Dec 1870 John Julia Lynch Dl.Murray Hanna Healy Kilmore
304  535 Lucey Margaret F 11 Oct 1872 John Julia Lynch Benj.Shorten Nora Sullivan Kilmore
305  547 Lucey Jeremiah M 2 Feb 1875 John Julia Lynch John Lynch Mary Lucey Kilmore
306  556 Lucey Kate F 28 Dec 1876 John Julia Lynch Denis Lucey Nora Sullivan Kilmore
307  567 Lucey Hannah F 24 Feb 1879 John Julia Lynch John  Lucey Julia Lucey Kilmore
308 576 Lucey Patrick M 4 Mar 1881 John Julia Lynch Benj.Shorten Bridget Lucey Kilmore

Denis Lucey: There is a definate record for him in the Inchigeela Parish register and he was the first born of the Lucey Children .However there is no further account of him and it is assumed he died young.

Abbey Lucey married Cornelius O'Connell Ballingulley

Mary Lucey married Casey Killeens .They had 3 sons Finbarr, Bernie & Christy

John Lucey was married to O'Donovan from Manch Balineen and they lived at the Viaduct Waterfall. Their family were John, Michael, Julett, Liddy,& Eileen.

There is no further information on Con Lucey who emeigrated to the USA

Bridget Lucey emigrated to the USA with her niece Noreen Twomey

Michael Lucey had a hotel in Ballingeary .He had one daughter Sheila who lived in Donoghmore .She  was a national school teacher .She was married to Tim Lane from Berrings and they  both taught at Stuake in Donoghmore .They had no family

Daniel Lucey was married to Kate Dineen from Coolea and they lived at Boylesgrove Droumcarra.She  died on 4th April 1953 and Dan Lucey died on 5th June 1957.They are buried in St.Gobnaits cemetery. They had one son & four girls.  One of the girls was married to a man called Hallihan and their daughter was Nora (Hallahan) Harrington.                   Their son John Lucy married Jane Twohig from Cooldaniel Toames -1 mile from Boylesgrove .John   had two boys Dan & John both not married and they also had 3 other children (2 girls and one boy) who died from 6 to 18 months.They later sold Boylesgrove and went to live at Kileenmaul ,Carey's Cross Bandon .John Lucey died on 22nd April 1985.

Margaret   Lucey there is no further information on her but it is possible she was married to a Buckley from near Blarney.

 Jerh. Lucey was married to Sarah McCarthy Gurranes Dunmanway she died on 18th April 1963 aged 79.Jerh died aged 90 on 1st May 1965 and is buried in St.Gobnaits. They had one son and three daughters .Son  John Lucey had a son Sean Lucey who lived in Ballingeary until recent years. Daughters ; Bina Lucey married a brother of Conny Lucey Ardineen . Eileen Lucey married Corkery The Shop Ballingeary . Sheila Lucey Married Sean Moore . He was an Irish teacher in Dublin .

Kate Lucey was married to Oldham from Rossmore - they had no family but reared Noreen Twomey.

Hannah Lucey married a man called Twomey but she died soon after . She had one daughter called Noreen who was reared by Kate Lucey. She later  emigrated to the USA with her aunt Bridget. The Twomey man later remarried.

Patrick (Paddy) Lucey was the youngest of the family d. 4th April 1951 aged 70. He lived at Kilmore