Picture of a Keg Shaker with Keg

I would have never made this except that when we built the cellar I set four bolts in the floor with the intentions of making a keg shaker, it would have to be bolted down to prevent it hopping around the place. When I showed people around the cellar they asked, °What the hell are the bolts for?° the only solution was to make it so two years after the cellar was built I made the shaker. Now they ask °What the hell is that?° Which is a bit easier to answer.

This is for carbonating beer rapidly it takes 15-25 min. to do the job. The keg is put in and the gas is connected up then the keg is shaken. It is made with a washing machine motor, a spindle from a washing machine, a belt from a washing machine and a load of metal bars. The spindle has a bolt that is mounted off center so that it moves in a circular motion to this is attached a lever the other end of which is attached to the carriage. The lever moves the carriage back and forward. The keg is put in the carriage, which is held up by 4 bars from above that allow it to move back and forward.

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