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David was born in 1971 in the Town of Lisburn in Northern Ireland, but now lives at Rathcroghan in Co.Roscommon. A keen Artist since childhood David was first introduced to Bog Oak by the work of Belfast Sculptors George Osborne and Eamon Maguire. The age and almost supernatural quality of the wood caught his imagination and inspired him to begin carving. David is self taught, but has benefited from the advise and aid of many other artists along the way.

   David's Studio is situated at the heart of the Rathcroghan Complex, once the seat of the Ancient Kings of Connaught, and one of the most important archeological Sites in Ireland, given the Heritage of his

environment it is no wonder David is never at a loss for inspiration. Much of his work is inspired by Irelands rich Traditions of Folklore and Mythology.

David has exhibited widely throughout Ireland, and has work in collections World-wide.

About the Artist