Ronan Browne

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1982 "Dysart Tola" Music from Dublin and Clare
1988 "Round the House" Music for Set Dancing
1988 "Mind The Dresser" Music for Set Dancing
1988 "The South West Wind" An album recorded with the celebrated fiddle and flute player from Co. Clare, Peter O'Loughlin. It was critically acclaimed as the Best Irish music album in 1988"
1989 "Five Guys Named Mo" with Donal Lunny and the Canadian group of the same name
1990 "At It Again" A contempory Irish and Scottish album by Manus Lunny and Andy M. Stewart
1991 "Bringing It All Back Home" The accompanying album to the television series
1991 "The Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon" Music for Japanese video game
1992 "Next Generation" The Irish Folk Festival duet with Kevin Glackin
1992 "The Secret Of Roan Inish" Soundtrack to the film
1992 "The Indigo Girls" with Donal Lunny and the pop duo of the same name
1993 "Angels Candles" Maire Breatnach and her band - contemporary Irish music
1994 "Heritage Des Celtes" With Donal Lunny and Dan Ar Bras
1994 "Taobh Na Greine/Under The Sun" Seosaimhin Ni Bhaoglaoich and Donal Lunny
1994 "Tir Na nOg" Anne Wylie
1994 "Branohm - The Voyage Of Bran" Maire Breatnach
1994 "Winds Of Freedom" John Beag
1994 "Riverdance" Theme Music for Eurovision '94 - Anuna and The RTE Concert Orchestra
1994 "Drones And Chanters" Vol. 2 Solo Piping Compilation
1995 Alan Stivell's new CD
1995 "Rivers Of Sound" The accompanying album to the TV series
1995 "Riverdance - The Show"
1996 "Circle Of Friends" Soundtrack to the film
1996 "Sound magic" The Afro Celt Sound System

Ronan is also involved with a number of projects for Real World Records

Afro Celt Sound System Modern Music from Senegal, London and Ireland
Deep Forest French Trance Group
Jam Nation London based group

Apart from the above, Ronan is well established as a Session Musician and is in constant demand to record with various Folk, Contemporary and Rock bands.

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