Spain is my favourite country.  I have never been there but I've heard so much about it .  I am here to tell you all about  Spain.
                   Spain is the second largest country in Europe.  The area of it is 194,908 meters squared including the Canaries and the Balearics.  Spain's main cities are Madrid ( the capital ), Barcelona, Valencia and Seville. Spain's landmarks are the remote Ordesa Valley which lies in the heart of the Pyrenees Mountains in northeast Spain.  It is a national park which attracts lots of tourists.  Another landmark is the strange towers in Barcelona's Park of Spanish Industry.  This park occupies the site of an old textile mill. 
                 The main language is Spanish, but there are a few other`languages such as Euskara and Castilian.  The main religion is Roman   
                Most villages have a bull-ring for bull-fighting which is very popular.  Other popular sports are football, cycling, swimming and        basketball.  Other famous hobbies are flamenco dancing and Jai Alai which is a type of ball game.
               Until the 1950's Spain was one of the poorest European         countries, but since then it's economy has improved rapidly.  The country is famous for its beautiful beaches along the Mediterranean coast.  Other industry's are the steel industry, the textile industry and the agricultural   industry
               Nowadays the agricultural industry employs less than 15      percent of the workforce .  The main exports are cereal, citrus fruits,     olives, vegetables and rice.  Sherry and other wines are also exported. This is why Spain is my favourite country.             

By A.B.

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