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    These rambles are an ideal introduction to the geology, natural history, botany, archaeology, history, agriculture and conservation of the region. Most Burren flora and many archaeological sites are encountered on routes which take the visitor to the heart of the Burren within short time spans. The mixed walks are in different areas of the Burren and range from 1 to 6 hours in duration. Most Tours can be completed by all age groups and some will require good footwear.

    Choose from a number of routes which cover many of the Burren habitats including the limestone pavements, shore line, meadows, turloughs and hazel scrublands. The tours give the visitors a chance to examine the limestone garden at its best. The tours vary in time and length and the range of habitats visited. Plants flower throughout the Summer so every walk brings its own unique surprises. Please inform the guide as to the type of flora you are interested in.

    These walks examine the archaeological sites in their historical and natural settings. The Burren contains megalithic dolmens and cairns. bronze age cooking sites, Celtic ring forts, medieval church sites and castles, ancient field systems and routeways, vernacular architecture and holy wells of the recent past. This cultural landscape is a result of the physical landscape and the history of Ireland so it leaves behind sites and an oral tradition. There are many walks to choose from, each with it's own mixture of sites and content. These tours suit all age groups and time requirements.

    These treks are off the beaten track across isolated regions within the Burren. Walking takes place over panoramic views which give a sense of peace and timelessness to the explorer. The Burren hides it's best scenery from most visitors. Some walks follow ancient routeways and natural contour lines to the roof of the Burren or into secret valleys and depressions. These treks are at varied times and of varied lengths and walkers will need to bring proper footwear and rain gear.

    Every Spring and Autumn the Carrigann Hotel in Lisdoonvarna hosts walking weekends where guests are spoilt with 2 nights bed and breakfast, Saturday night dinner, and 2 days guided walks with Shane Connolly. Saturday's walk is on the Western side of the Burren and introduces the walkers to the many aspects of this region, walking over mountain top and valley floor. Sunday has a shorter walk on the Eastern side of the Burren. The special rate for these weekends is 145 per person. More information may be found by contacting Mary Howard.

    Tours and walks can be designed to meet specific interest needs, time requirements and energy levels. There is never enough time to explore the Burren so why not discuss how you want to go about it and what you would like from your visit.

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