14th March 2003...New diving season

The Sunday dive has been moved to Doolin......


14th March 2003...New diving season

The new dive plan is now posted on here.


James McMahon (Diving Officer) has asked to circulate the following information

Diving is due to start for the year on Sunday 16 March from Doolin, ready to go @ 11.00 am.

Before anyone is allowed to dive they must comply with the following

They must have either dived in the previous 13 weeks or have completed three open water snorkels. These must be logged so please ensure you bring along your log book.

Your medical must be up to date (every 3 years if over 35; every 5 years if under 35) .In the intervening years you must get your medical disclaimer (logbook) signed by the DO.

Given that we did not take on new scuba trainees this year, we would ask that the existing trainees make all reasonable efforts to complete the requisite dives, so that the Club Divers exams can be taken at an early stage.

Simone (Treasurer) has asked me to remind you pay the balance of fees due, immediately.

Nobody will be allowed to dive (notwithstanding the above) unless they have paid the minimum initial payment to cover their CFT insurance/registration.

The pool training / lectures are now almost complete. There are no sessions on Monday 17 March. Remaining sessions as follows :

24March03 8.00 Lecture Bouyancy Devices, Dry Suits, Dive Computers, Cylinders, Regs (Pat O'Brien) Pool (Stephen)

31March03 7.30 Lectures 1. GPS Information (Brian) 2. CPR etc (Ray) Pool (Tadhg)

Note the time and date are different on this one than originally circulated

A Marine Biology Course is currently being organised for either the weekend of 26/27 April or 3/4 May for Doolin . The cost will be 50 each. Could anyone who is interested for either date please let Mary  know.