Great Artists
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The Great Artists

This month we've been learning about (and copying) some of the "Great Masters".

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Van Gogh's "Bedroom at Arles"

by Ann Marie Fox


Van Gogh's "Sunflowers"

by Michael Farrell

Klee's "Mystery of the Nile"

by Michael O' Sullivan

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Munch's "The Scream"

by Paul Monahan


Renoir's "Still Life with Bouquet"

by Conor Nolan


"Bedroom at Arles"

by Maria Power




Marc Chagall was born on July 7 1887. He was brought up in the Jewish district of a small Russian town called Vityebsk. He died in St.Paul's de Vence in France on the 28th of March 1985. Some of his Painting's are the "Village in blue" "Girl on a sofa" "Girl in the waves" "Don Quixote" and" the grand parade".He was a French painter and designer, famous for his Surrealistic paintings. As a young man he went to Paris a time when there was a lot of changes going on in painting and writing and music. He loved using clear bright colours. 

Michelle O' Driscoll


Pierre Auguste Renoir

Pierre Auguste Renoir was born on the 25th of February 1841, in Limoges, France. He painted porcelain china. He saved up money and went to Charles Glare’s art studio. He became friends with Claude Monet, and they founded the Impressionists. However, after a trip to Italy, he concentrated on tightening his line and giving up the Impressionist way of painting.   

Pierre married Aline Charigot and they had three sons. They later moved to Cagnes, Aix- En- Province. One boy, Jean became one of France’s greatest film directors. Some of his famous paintings are La Loge, Woman With Fan, The Swing, and at Luncheon the Boating Party, A Girl With Watering Can and At the Piano, which gave him much recognition when the French State bought it in 1892.

 In 1917, two years before his death in 1919, a young artist named Henry Matisse , visited Renoir and promised  to carry on his colour and design into the next century. During the later years of his life his arthritis affected him seriously and he could only work with a brush strapped to his arm. He died on December 3rd 1919 in his home. He painted 6000 paintings in all.

Maurice Nolan



 Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain on the 25th  October 1881.His type of paintings were cubist. His first word was lapiz ( Spanish for pencil .) He learned to draw before he could talk.

At the age of 11 he was drawing art magazines as a hobby. He did not like school and could not write very well. He did not know much about Maths either and admitted he wasn't sure of the alphabet. He loved art and worked at nothing else Picasso often helped his father Jose Ruiz Blasco an art teacher with his work.

At the age of 14  he began studying art in the city of Barcelona. When he turned 20 he began to paint in his own style. In 1904 he moved to Paris and set up an art studio. Picasso painted " Guernica" a picture of he Spanish Civil War. Picasso died at the age of 90 and died in Notre Dame, France in 1973. Picasso was thought to be the greatest painter in the 20th Century.




 Edvard Munch.

Edvard Munch was born on December 12th, 1863. His work features The Scream, Puberty and the sick child. There are more than those, though. Very few of his paintings are found out of Norway.

Edvard Munch became a professional painter at the age of 17. Most of his work featured either death or illness, so we can guess by his paintings that he was usually depressed when he was painting, or else it was just his theme.

The best known picture of Munch’s portraits is probably ‘The Scream’, which was painted in 1893. Also, there is a picture not so well known called ‘The Bridge’, which features limp figures with no faces. Munch’s collections of paintings are found in the ‘Munch Museet’.

‘The Sick Child’ is based on Munch’s childhood trauma, which was when his sister and mother died of a disease called ‘tuberculosis’. Munch died on January the 23rd, 1944 in Oslo, Norway. Before he died, he visited places like Berlin and Paris.  


Siobhan Osborne


Edvard   Munch

Edvard Munch was born in Lolen 1863 and lived in Norway. Munch started painting at the age of 17 in Chrisliania {now Oslo}. His best painting was The Scream, it is a man screaming and The Sick Child is a sick child reflecting Munchs childhood trauma,. Munch painted sickness and sexuality. In 1908 Munch’s anxiety became acute and he was put in to hospital. He returned to Norway in 1909 and died in Oslo on January 23 1944. Munch’s father was a military doctor and his mother and sister both died of tuberculosis. He began studies as an engineer. He decided his true vocation was painting.. 

Liam Bissell


Vincent van Gogh

Vincent was born in Holland in a town called Groot- Zundert in 1853. He was the son of a church minister, and Vincent’s brother’s name was Theo van Gogh. At the age 27 he visited an art gallery and that’s where he got his idea of painting-from.

In 1886 van Gogh went to live with his brother Theo. Paul Gauguin moved in with van Gogh and in less than two months van Gogh threatened Gauguin with a razor. By 1890 he left St-Remy and the warm south and, on the advice of Pissarro, went to Auvers-sur-Oise where a Dr. Gachet could look after him. One day while he was out painting Auvers shot himself in the chest. The wound did not seem too bad. Dr. Gachet bandaged it and called Theo from Paris. On July 29th two days later 1890 van Gogh died.

He was buried in Auvers. After van Gogh’s death about 750 paintings and 1600 drawings were retreived. Some of the paintings they retreived were , “ Self-portrait,” “Sunflowers”, “ The Sower” and “ The hill of Montmartre”. 


Andrew Earley

Vincent van Gogh


Vincent was born in Holland. He died in Paris in 1890. He died at the age of thirty-seven because he killed himself. He shot himself in the chest. Vincent has a brother and his name is Theo.

I like the picture of the sunflowers. It is very colour-full .He left Paris in 1888 for southern in France. At the age of 27 he visited an art gallery and that's where he got his idea of painting from. A year letter he had a second attack of madness.I d'ont like the picture of his bandage around his ear. If you want to no what happened his ear here it is-He was in a fight with his friend and he cut off a  bit of his ear because he was  stupid. Some of his paintings are Sunflower, Self -Portrait, Waterlilies and his Bedroom.


Eoghan Winders


Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall was born on 7th of  July 1887.  His type of painting was surrealist.  He painted a lot of painting.s. There of them are the ‘Young Girl on the sofa’ The Birthday’ and the Golgotha. Chagall lived in a small town in Russia. As a young man he went to Paris when there was a lot of changes in painting , writing and music.

He didn’t like it in Paris so he moved back to Russia. He painted a lot of painting’s in Russia.  A lot of the painting’s are from years ago. Like some are funny and some are sad but  other are funny and sad at the same time. He died in ST. Paul de Vence France on March  28  1985


Lindsay Daly




Claude Oscar Monet was born on November 14 1840 He was born in Paris but he spent most of his childhood in Le Havre. By 1859 Monet had commited himself as a proffesinal artist. During the 1860’s he formed a group called the Impressionists. In 1874 they had their first exibhition. By the mid 1880’s he was secured financially. In 1890 he moved to Giverny not to far from Paris. There he began to construct a water garden, a lily pond and a Japenese garden draped with willow and bamboo. After that he only painted his garden. These paintings are now in New York and Chigcago. Some other Monet paintings are the Nymphs and the Roen Cathedral. Despite failing eyesight all through Monet’s life he continued to paint until his death in Giverny on the fifth of December 1926.


Conor Nolan