Clogher Record 53-98 By volumes of years

The following guide to the Clogher Record is a complete contents list of all issues from the beginning arranged according to volumes.

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Volume I

No. 1 (1953) Page
The boundaries of Clogher, P. Mulligan, 1
Kilskeery Parish, B. O'Daly, 4
Inishmacsaint and a lost diocesan border, P. Gallagher 18
Traditional music, E. Ó Muireadaigh 27
The Register of the Diocese of Clogher P. J. Flanagan 32
Letter [on Lily Ford] A. H. Boylan 38
Document [Clogher and the Continent] [P. Mulligan] 39
Success Story [of Patrick McNeny] [P. Mulligan] 48

No. 2 (1954)
Crannógs in North Monaghan, J. Smyth, 1
Kilskeery Parish [2] B. O'Daly 8
Notes on the topography of Fermanagh P. Mulligan 24
Inscriptions in Drummully cemetery P. Moore 35
The Diocese of Clogher in 1714 P. J. Flanagan 39
Tydavnet old cemetery B. O'Daly 43
Sketches of Farney P. S. Ó Dálaigh 56
Salloo J. Smyth 63
The Kernan Family P. M[ulligan] 64
[Bhearsai ar Triucha] P. Ó M[aolagáin] 65

No. 3 (1955)
The appointment of Bishop Tyrrell and its consequences T. Ó Fiaich 1
Place-names of the Barony of Monaghan J.Smyth 15
The MacMahons of Monaghan (1500-1593) P. Moore 22
The legal murder of Aodh Rua MacMahon P. MacDuinnshléibhe 39
Poems in Irish on 18th-century priests S. P. Moore 53
Clogherici: Clogher clergy 1535-1835 [1] [introduction, Alwill to Casey] P. Ó Gallchobhair 66
Kilskeery Parish [3] B. O’Daly 88
Béal Átha na mBriosgadh S. Mac Cionnaith 111
A Lough Erne cot F. Fitzpatrick 118
Farney men of 1592 É. Ó Tuathail 121
The Diocese of Clogher in 1714 P. J. Flanagan 125
An early history of Fermanagh [1] P. Ó Maolagáin 131
Inscriptions in Donagh cemetery, Co. Fermanagh P. Ó M[aolagáin] and P. Ó G[allchobhair] 141
Proceedings of the Irish Catholic Historical Committee, 1955
P. Ó G[allchobhair] 149

No. 4 (1956)
The Battle of Clontibret L. Ó Mearáin 1
Fenianism in Monaghan C. T. Rice 29
The MacMahons of Monaghan (1593-1603) P. Moore 85
Farney men of 1601 É. Ó Tuathail 108
An early history of Fermanagh [2] P. Ó Maolagáin 113
The western boundary of Fermanagh É. Ó Tuathail 126
On Father Francis MacMahon S. P. Moore 132
Clogherici: Muintir Caiside P. Ó Gallchobhair 137
Inscriptions in Kinawley cemetery N. Maguire 161
Notes and comments:
Rath Mhic Mhalais; Loch an Tairbh; Éamonn Ó Tuathail 166

Volume II

No. 1 (1957) Page
Í Eodhosa C. McGrath 1
Maurice O’Gorman in Monaghan S. P. Ó Mórdha 20
The MacCathmhaoils of Clogher S. Ó Dúfaigh 25
An early history of Fermanagh [3] P. Ó Maolagáin 50
The Parish of Kilskeery: the place-names B. O’Daly 71
Clogher’s altars of the Penal days: a survey P. Ó Gallachair 97
Castleblayney, Mucnámh & Baile na Lurgan P. Mac Doinnshléibhe 131
The Parish of Cleenish: district of Holywell C. B. Leyden 138
The MacMahons of Monaghan (1603-1640) P. Ó Mórdha 148
Clogherici: Clearkan, Clinton, Connolly P. Ó Gallachair 170
Inscriptions in Donagh cemetery, Co. Monaghan B. McCarney 192
i Complaint against Miler McGrath, 1591 L. Ó Mearáin 204
ii Hearth-money rolls: Co. Fermanagh P. Ó Gallachair 207
iii Some Clogher clergy, 1766 J. Brady 215
Very Rev. James Smyth 217
P. J. O’Daly 219
Imeachtaí an Chumann 1952-1957 221

No. 2 (1958)
Cathal MacMaghnusa and the Annals of Ulster [1] A. Gwynn 230
The apostasy of Miler McGrath L. Ó Mearáin 244
Letter of credence by Donatus Magrahe L. Bieler 257
Father James Keelan J. Brady 260
i Mathew Kennedy of "The Spiritual Rose" S. P. Ó Mórdha 263
ii A Lough Erne expedition, 1821 S. P. Ó Mórdha 264
iii An old type of country house S. P. Ó Mórdha 265
iv The Irish language in Aghabog Parish, 1835 S. P. Ó Mórdha 266
v Irish in County Fermanagh in the 19th century S. P. Ó Mórdha 268
Clogherici: [Conney to Cullen] P. Ó Gallachair 272
An early history of Fermanagh [4] P. Ó Maolagáin 280
A Fermanagh survey [of 1622] P. Ó Gallachair 293
The MacMahons of Monaghan (1600-1640) P. B. Ó Mórdha 311
Inscriptions in Aghalurcher churchyard Noel Maguire 328
Cá raibh Dónach Mór Muighe Ene? P. Ó Gallachair 353
Notes and comments:
i Party quarrels in nineteenth-century Monaghan P. B. Ó Mórdha 355
ii "That’s my Allie Daly" L. Ó Mearáin 358
Proceedings of the Irish Catholic Historical Committee, 1957
P. Mac D[oinnshléibhe] 359
O’Neill, Sources of Irish local history 360
Imeachtaí an Chumann 1958 361

No. 3 (1959)
Cathal MacMaghnusa and the Annals of Ulster [2] A. Gwynn 370
Families of Medieval Clones S. Ó Dufaigh 385
St. Damhnat and St. Dimpna B. O’Daly 415
Simon Macken: Fermanagh scribe and schoolmaster S. P. Ó Mórdha 432
Miler McGrath, Archbishop of Cashel (1571-1622) L. Ó Mearáin 445
An early history of Fermanagh [5] P. Ó Maolagáin 458
County of Monaghan Farming Society, 1801 468
The first Maguire of Tempo P. Ó Gallachair 469
Milling in Monaghan Barony, 1801 [P. Ó Gallachair] 489
The MacMahons of Monaghan [1641] P. B. Ó Mórdha 490
Carrickmacross a century ago 503
Clogherici: [Curran to Drummond] P. Ó Gallachair 504
Sidelights on old Clones:
i Clones householders, 1738 P. Ó Gallachair 512
ii A McMahon family of Clones P. B. Ó Mórdha 514
iii Clones trade and transport, 1838 S. MacGiolla Seanáin 515
Notes and comments:
i Omné Rendé P. Mac D[oinnshléibhe] 517
ii Orange and Green in nineteenth-century Clogher P. B. Ó Mórdha 517
iii The place-names – Carn and Currin P. B. Ó Mórdha 519
iv A note on Bishop Kernan P. Ó Gallachair 520
Inscriptions in Tullynageerin, Co. Fermanagh P. Ó M[aolagáin] 521
Book of Survey and Distribution: Barony of Magherastephana [P. Ó Maolagáin] 524
Catholic qualification rolls index: Fermanagh and Monaghan [P. Ó Gallachair] 544
Cholera in Clones 551 Census of the Diocese of Clogher (December 1958) 552
S. M. Pauline, God wills it! Centenary story of the Sisters of St. Louis 554
A visit to Monaghan [J. Gamble itinerary, 1810] 557
Imeachtaí an Chumann 558

Volume III

For references purposes and in order to complete the series, Volume 3 is incorporated in the Clogher Record Album (Monaghan, 1975). This includes the following articles:
Preface J. Duffy 5
The Diocese of Clogher in brief P. Mulligan 9
Saint Patrick’s Purgatory, Lough Derg J. Ryan 13
Monastic antiquities of Clones W. F. Wakeman 27
Heber McMahon, soldier-bishop of the Confederation of KilkennyS. P. Ó Mórdha 41
Charles Gavan Duffy: that other hemisphere P. O’Farrell 63
Dr Murray of Maynooth E. J. Quigley 78
American journal of James Donnelly J. Duffy 109
Missionary letters of Cornelius Tierney B. T. Smyth 153
Eachaidh Ó hEoghusa, poet to the Maguires of Fermanagh J. Carney 187
Comhairle Mhic Clamha and the European satire B. E. Rainey 212
Saothar Énrí Uí Mhuirgheasa S. P. Ó Mórdha 227
Béaloideas ó Fhearnmhaigh É. Ó Tuathail 254
Portrait of a parish priest B. Duffy 269
Clogher Record 1949-75 [Index] 285
McKenna’s Parishes of Clogher [Index] 314
Clogher clerical obituary list, 1918-74 321
The written works of Rev. P. Ó Gallachair 324
Authors, acknowledgements and notes 331

Volume IV

No. 1 & 2 (1960-61) Page
Medieval sources: Registrum Clogherense M. P. Sheehy 1
Three notes on Medieval Clones:
i The meaning of Cluain Eois [1] S. Ó Dufaigh 6
ii The MacEneaneys S. Ó Dufaigh 6
iii An alternative name for Clones S. Ó Dufaigh 8
St. Mary’s Abbey, Devenish: an architectural survey T. Mullarkey 9
A Hollander likes Lough Erne 15
The Parish of Killeevan J. Gilsenan 16
Monaghan medicos in Paris 28
The Great Famine in Monaghan: a coroner’s account [1] B. Ó Mórdha 29
An early history of Fermanagh [6] P. Ó Maolagáin 42
The rising of Burke P. B. Ó Mórdha 50
Clogherici: Duffy P. Ó Gallachair 54
Inscriptions from Aghavea cemetery, Co. Fermanagh N. Maguire 95
Notes and comments:
Altars of penal days P. Ó Gallachair 113
Ó Gallachoir, Where Erne and Drowes meet the sea 115
Imeachtaí an Chumann 1960 116

No. 3 (1962)
Cíos MhicMhathghamhna S. Ó Dufaigh 125
The 1641 war in Clogher P. Ó Gallachair 135
The Battle of Clones, 1643 P. B. Ó Mórdha 148
The ancient graveyard of Rackwallace B. Ó Dubhthaigh 155
An early history of Fermanagh [7] P. Ó Maolagáin 163
Cois na hEirne [ó Thomáis Mhic Caiside (An Caiseadach Bán)] 174
The Great Famine in Monaghan [2] B. Ó Mórdha 175
Ten hours from Drogheda to Monaghan [J. Gamble itinerary, 1810] 186
Glimpses of the Famine in Fermanagh P. Mac Dhoin[n]léibhe 187
The MacMahons of Monaghan (1642-1654) P. B. Ó Mórdha 190
Further notes on Medieval Clones:
i Clones families in County Louth D. Mac Iomhair 195
ii The meaning of Cluain Eois [2] S. Ó Dufaigh 196
Jackson and Jane P. B. Ó Mórdha 197
Germany’s General Maguire [Belfast Newsletter extract, 1760] 200
Notes and comments:
i A note on the Barrett-Lennards of Clones B. Hutton 201
ii A still raid in 1809 [Erne Packet extract] 202
iii The ecumenical spirit [Impartial Reporter 1846, extract] 202
iv Arney bricks, 1835 [Ordnance Survey letter, extract] 203
v A Fermanagh recipe [Butler’s in Fermanagh 1760 extract] 203
vi Fair day fight in Enniskillen, 1813 [Erne Packet extract] 204
vii Scotshouse – Achad[h] na hAbhla P. B. Ó Mórdha 204
viii Ballybay yesterday [extracts dated 1801 and 1844] 207
ix A tourist in Enniskillen, 1835 [J. Barlow, tour extract] 207
i William Carleton writes to Rev. Dr. Murray P. Ó Gallachair 208
ii Two letters from a Clones emigrant P. Ó Gallachair 212
de hÓir, Seán Ó Donnabháin agus Eoghan Ó Comhraí 218
Imeachtaí an Chumainn, 1962 220