Welcome to my bodhrán site

I'm Stuart Dunlop, born in Scotland, living in Co. Donegal, Ireland. I Play in a regular session in the Diamond Bar, Raphoe, Co. Donegal. We now regularly have eight or ten musicians, and can peak at around 25.

I am largely self-taught, but have learned much from the Tommy Hayes video - "Bodhrán, Bones and Spoons". I have tried the bones, and am making progress, but if my current speed of improvement is anything to go by, it will take years for me to be competent enough to play in a session :)

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Music marathon in aid of tsunami victims. We've bought 3 new fishing boats.


In this site you will find: -

Pictures of my bodhrans and cipins
Pictures of our sessions with background sounds from our session!
Sound clips of the bodhran with and without other instruments (also a discussion of sound recording)
A feedback and suggestions page
How to care for your bodhran
A few bodhran jokes
Links to other useful sites about bodhrans and music
A tutorial on how to play the bodhran
A list of albums featuring the bodhrán
Playing the bones
Information on bodhrán lessons
A discussion of how to convert .wav files to.mp3 files

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