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A good friend of mine has written a VERY good book that every Beatles fan should run out to the shops to buy (or, it's even easier if you just click on the book!). This fictional book is, indeed, a breath of fresh air. It explores the possibiliy of Paul having been replaced in the greatest band of all time!
My regular visitors will notice that I have well and truly sold out to CD-WOW! Their banner has been added to every page for the simple reason that they are the best online music and dvd site I have found. If you know of a site that has better prices, let me know and I will change again! This site offers free postage to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD - here I am accommodating ALL of my visitors.
I know a lot of Beatles fans have some record covers that they are quite fond of. In fact, a few Beatles record covers are worth a lot of money. This site sells frames for you to display (and preserve) your pride and joy! I have a few of these frames and cannot speak highly enough of them!
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Beatles Merchandise
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Imagine (Lennon)Let It Be - NakedJohn - Anthology
"Birth of The Beatles" by Sam Leach
The Rocking City (sub-titled Birth of The Beatles) tells the story of Sam's life with The Beatles and how the amazing 1960's Liverpool Rock scene evolved. John Lennon called Sam "The pulse of Merseybeat" and Paul McCartney referred to those days as "The Sam Leach Era". Packed full of brilliant early photos the book is a must for all Beatle fans.


Yes, award has really taken off! One is given out each month and the webmaster of any Beatles site worth looking at should follow the steps to apply.

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Beatles Art 2004
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Loads of Cheap Beatles Posters!
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