As in the rest of Europe mammals on Corfu are shy and retiring and you would have to be fairly lucky to spot them, but if you are an early riser and tend to take early morning strolls your chances of a glimpse or better are dramatically improved.

Brown rat

You could quite possibly see Fox, Hare, Rabbits, Otter, Weasel, Beech Marten and Dormice. Dormice are known by the locals as “the flyer” due to its habit of leaping from branch to branch, sometimes quite substantial distances. At dusk the bats appear, their numbers substantial, with some, quite large. The floodlights at the airport seem to be the most popular restaurant for the larger bats, who share this feast with the swifts. The telltale earth upheavals of moles are a common sight in the clearings and fields throughout the lowland areas and if by chance you found yourself wandering home after a night out, hedgehogs can regularly be

Bats roosting.

   heard or seen rummaging in the undergrowth. The Otter was thought to have been wiped out on Corfu through persecution, but in the last number of years evidence of their presence in numerous areas has been found, including visual reports of an otter in the Messongi river. There are also thought to be limited numbers of Europe’s Small jackal (Canis aureus) living on Corfu,which along with Samos are the last remaining pockets of this species in Greece.
Unfortunately many of the above species live a very precarious existence on Corfu, in no small part due to the indiscriminate hunting practices and loss of habitat.


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