Annual Camp '98
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    Annual camp took place in Blackwell Court, which is in the south-western corner of the Birmingham suburbs near a town called Bromsgrove. The camp was a great success and was enjoyed by everybody. Activities included archery, grass sleding, air gun shooting, abseiling, rafting, swimming, hiking, soccer, basketball, volleyball and giant pushball to name a few. We travelled to Blackwell Court with the De La Salle Scout Troop and the troops were split up into groups. There was a programme put in place and the groups had to do certain activities on certain days. We had two groups, Group D and Group E.

The Oblivion Drop

Group D Group E

Kevin Butler
Declan Kelly
Damien Fitzgerald
Mark McGrath
Niall Hogan
Andrew Johnston
Ian Johnston
Alan Fitzgerald
Thomas Power
Alan Walker
Claire Guilfoyle
David O'Neill

Eamonn O'Keeffe
Michael Cunningham
Nathan Hennessey
Rory O'Farrell
Brian Farrell
Brian Kenny
Duane Mullen
Derek Butler
Jennifer Galgey
Catherine Gleeson
James Erritt
Pat Dunphy


The following is the Programme that was completed:

  Morning Activity Afternoon Activity Evening Activity
Thursday 30 July    

18:00 Leave for Rosslare.
21:30 Leave Rosslare for Pembroke


01:30 Arrive in Pembroke
02:00 Leave Pembroke for Blackwell Court
07:30 Arrive at Blackwell Court and unload container
09:00 Have Breakfast and pitch marquee and icelandic tents

12:00 Lunch
14:00 Play Soccer & Hurling

18:00 Swimming
19:00 Dinner
22:30 Bedtime


10:00 Rise & Breakfast
11:00 Group D - Grass Sleding
Group E - Rafting

13:00 - Lunch
14:00 Group D - Hike to Bromsgrove
Group E - Knot Board & Swimming

19:00 Dinner
20:00 Soccer, Basketball & Volleyball
11:30 Bed


09:00 Rise & Breakfast
10:00 Group D - Archery
Group E - Air Gun Shooting

12:00 Lunch
14:00 Group E - Abseiling
Group - D Orienteering

17:00 Swimming
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Soccer, Basketball & Volleyball
23:30 Bed


07:00 Rise & Breakfast
08:30 Get Bus to Alton Towers
10:30 Arrive at Alton Towers

Spend Day at Alton Towers

21:30 Arrive back at Blackwell Court
23:30 Bed


09:00 Rise & Breakfast
11:00 Group D - Air Gun Shooting
Group E - Archery

12:00 Lunch
14:00 Group D - Abseiling
Group E - Build Monkey Bridge
16:00 Both Groups - Giant Pushball

19:00 Dinner
22:30 Campfire
00:00 Bed


09:00 Rise & Breakfast
11:00 Both Groups - Splices, Turks Head & other ropework

12:00 Lunch
14:00 Group D Rafting
Group E - Grass Sleding

17:00 Swimming
19:00 Dinner
22:30 Quiz
00:00 Bed


08:30 Rise & Breakfast
09:20 Hike 2 miles to Barnt Green Station
10:10 Catch Centro Train to Birmingham
10:50 Arrive Birmingham New Street

Spend day shopping in Birmingham
16:00 Get Train to Barnt Green

18:00 Arrive back at Blackwell Court and go Swimming
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Soccer, Basketball & Volleyball
23:30 Bed


08:30 Rise & Breakfast
09:20 Venturers - Hike to Barnt Green and get train to Birmingham
Scouts - Initiative Bases & Activities

12:00 Venturers - Dry Slope Skiing
Scouts - Lunch
13:30 Venturers - Get train from Small Heath to Birmingham Moor Street and get lunch
Scouts - Hike to Barnt Green Station to get train to Birmingham
16:00 Meet up In New Street Station and go to Cinema

19:00 Get train back to Barnt Green
19:40 Venturers - Dinner
Scouts - Hike to Campsite and get Dinner
20:30 Swimming
22:00 Grand Campfire
00:00 Bed


08:30 Rise & Breakfast
09:00 Drop tents and marquee
11:30 Load Container

12:30 Lunch
13:30 Hike to Barnt Green And get Train to Bournville
15:00 Visit Cadbury's World at Bournville

18:00 Get bus to Pembroke
22:50 Arrive Pembroke Terminal

Sunday 9th August

03:15 Sail to Rosslare
07:00 Arrive at Rosslare
09:00 Arrive at Scout Hall


One of the highlights of the camp was the visit to Alton Towers were the big five awaited.

Black Hole
Nemesis Oblivion Ripsaw

These 5 challenging rides were tackled by the brave few with Oblivion being the worst of them although Nemesis came a close second. Few did all five with many doing 3 or 4. The trip to Alton Towers will beone of the days to remember on the camp.

The visits to Birmingham were another highlight of the camp with 3 days spent there, one shopping, one to the cinema & one to Cadbury's World in Bournville.

Check out some recently added pictures from Annual Camp.

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