Ventact 1998
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Ventact 1998 as usual takes place in Kilcully Campsite just outside Cork City. It is home for a couple of hundred Venturers and Rangers for the weekend of 11th, 12th and 13th September. Everybody moves into the campsite on the Friday night and this is spent mixing as well as the mad rush to swap tickets for particular activities.

On Saturday morning everybody gets ready to go on there chosen activities which could be anything from jetskiing to caving. A fleet of buses leave Kilcully Campsite towards their destinations which could be as far away as Skibereen County Cork. The day is then spent doing these activities. When the hordes of Venturers return, they get their dinner and prepare for the disco which is held in a big "circus tent" marquee. After the disco, bed is the option taken by most.

On Sunday everybody packs up after a long weekend. Farewells are said and the flocks leave Kilcully eager to return the following year.

This year we left Waterford for Cork at about 7:00pm after buying a lot of food for the weekend. We arrived in Cork and made our action packed (Driving on the wrong side of the road in the middle of Cork) way to Kicully Campsite.

On arrival we pitched the tents and had something to eat. We had a brief look in at the trad session in the big marquee and proceeded to meet old friend from previous Ventacts. We then tried to get some sleep but failed miserably. There were some tired heads to say the least, making their way to the buses for the trek to their activities. Some went to Trabolgan, some as far as Skibereen but a great time was enjoyed by everyone.

After dinner we prepared for the "Discothèque" in the marquee. The disco was as it is every year, packed to the brim we people. We even found out that one of our venturers "Rory" was a real John Travolta. His moves to Stayin Alive were legendary. After that we were shattered and conked out in bed.

Sunday morning we got up, had breakfast, took down the tents and headed home looking forward to Ventact South '99.

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